This is a memory stirred for Jane Scott, our conductor, following a lovely comment from Gill Learner (née Lovekin):
“I remember being taken to the final day of the Aldermaston march

in, I think, 1960. Possibly 1961. We met up with a number of the younger Clarion members (Campbells included, also Shirley Nolan, Eileen Feeley, probably Dave Phillips too) who had done the whole 3-day march and I remember that Gill in particular had really sore, blistered feet. I also remember Beryl Coton (nee Price) who was Irene Rickman’s friend and contemporary but also very close to Mum (Elsie Marshall), going to Gill’s 21st birthday party and telling us all about it afterwards.

The thing we did at Reading (with Paul Robeson) was ‘The Lonesome Train’, a cantata about Lincoln. Clarion did it again at Oozells Street School, directed by Charles Parker with Ian Campbell and Luke Kelly as the narrator and ballad singer, and that performance was quite soon after the Aldermaston march I think and I think Gill was part of that. I believe the programme for that concert still exists somewhere.”