Clarion Activity

People’s Assembly

Who says Clarion can’t multi-task???

On Saturday 22 June, Birmingham Clarion Singers were represented at two different events, in different parts of the country. A small group of singers attended the Alternate G8 at the Birmingham and Midland Institute, and performed a small set of songs.

The Peoples Assembly Against Austerity, held in Central Hall Westminster in London, also had a Clarion representative (Annie) at the opening and closing plenary, and various workshops. Memorable and stirring contributions from Tony Benn, Ken Loach, Owen Jones, Mark Steel and Francesca Martinez on a variety of issues, including the impact of cuts on services and communities, the disturbing rise of the far right, and the origins of the welfare state. Some pictures here.

Both events raised an agenda of alternatives to the government’s austerity programme, and the resultant loss of services, outsourcing, and breakdown of a “civilised society”. Both acknowledged the social gains made during the post-war consensus, and how these are now being systematically dismantled, and having a disproportionate impact on some of the poorest in society.

Clarion will watch the future activities of both projects with great interest…

On Saturday 29 June, Anna, a fellow Clarion singer, took part in a fabulous performance by Rainbow Voices at Birmingham Conservatoire. An action packed evening, hosted by the very funny Barbara Nice, and joined by the fantastic BGSO strings.

On Friday 5th July, Clarion will be singing in the Birmingham Council House Chambers for Asbestos Support West Midlands. This is part of an event for Action Mesothelioma Day, 11.00am — 1.30pm.

We have two more rehearsals this month, then a well earned break!



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