The Tory Boys’ Picnic


Last weekend a small group of Birmingham Clarion Singers joined forces with the Liverpool Socialist Singers to entertain the march outside the Conservative Conference.


This was followed by the Hard Up Festival, with stirring speeches from Owen Jones, Dave Prentis (Unison) and Matt Wracke (FBU) and many others. After rehearsing a few songs round the side of the Council House (much to the delight of passers-by), we took to the stage and performed several songs to a small but appreciative audience.


Given the scandalous tax hand-outs to the rich, and continued demonization of the poor, which framed this year’s conference, Birmingham Clarion Singers were glad to have the chance to raise our voices in opposition to Cameron’s bullyboys and their devastating policies.


We will always stand up for human rights and social justice, and hope that this is the last year we have the Con-Dems controlling the country’s resources and futures.

They’ll be back for another Conference, another year. And we will be waiting for them, with many a cheeky tune, and a good old socialist welcome….



Thanks to Geoff Dexter, Anna Robottom and Adrian Banham for photos.