Our Spring concert


Last night we presented our Spring Concert at the All Saints Centre in Kings Heath, Birmingham. The evening raised funds for a scholarship to the Workers Music Association Summer School, and was dedicated to the memory of our great friend and Clarion member, Alan Rickman.  In the first part of the evening, Clarion sang several workers songs: Stand Out Ye Miners, Down in the Coalmine (solo Rob Harper), The Roses of Lidice (with piano accompaniment from the talented Jayne Baggett), North Sea Holes and Saltley Gate.



We were then treated to the talents of our three invited guests.

First up, Gill Holmes, with some wonderful welsh ballads.


Followed by the wonderful accordion skills of Ingrid Gould (with support from Tim Martin on ukelele)





And rounded off by the fantastic folk of Marion and Steve Harper (and their many hats).

To complete the evening, Birmingham Clarion Singers returned, with Carry Greenham Home (solo Anne Lockyer), This Path (music by Ben Aitken), Suzi’s Home (solo Annie Banham, tuba played by Rob Harper), Big Society (written and performed by Tim Martin), Scarecrow, and Power in the Union. A chorus of The Internationale ended the evening, with choir and audience singing in unison.


Of course we couldn’t go home with having a final singalong –



See you all again in the Autumn!

Thank you to Adrian Banham for the great photos, to Neil and Jan for looking after the bar and buffet, and to Gill for meeting and greeting at the door. We are indebted to all our friends and supporters.


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