Autumn Concert 2015

Last month Birmingham Clarion Singers hosted a successful evening to support Birmingham and Solihull Women’s Aid. A full programme of songs from the choir (see below), supported by two very special performances by Maria Caravanas and Gary O’Dea.


Speaker from Birmingham Women’s Aid


Donations can continue to be made to Women’s Aid here.

Maria Caravanas
Maria Caravanas
Gary O'Dea
Gary O’Dea
An appreciative audience
Time for cakes...
Time for cakes…
...and refreshments
…and refreshments


Programme notes

Bring out the Banners – A union song written by Australian John Warner, rearranged by Jane Scott to the traditional folk song “Sovay”.

Joe Hill – symbol for labour movements from around the world. Written by Alfred Hayes and Earl Robinson in the 1930s.

The Sun (Greek Freedom Song) – Mikis Theodarakis has consistently opposed oppressive regimes and was a key voice against the Greek junta 1967-1974, which imprisoned him.

This Path – music by Clarion member Ben Aitken, words by Rebecca Matlou.

Sing John Ball – written by Sydney Carter to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Peasants’ Revolt, also called Wat Tyler’s Rebellion or the Great Rising.

A Man’s a Man for A’ That
– 1795, Robert Burns. An expression of egalitarian ideas of society. In memory of Mo Powell).

Scarecrow – written by John Tams, choir arrangement by Sue Gilmurray.

Hiroshima – written by Ishiji Asada and Koki Kinoshita.

H-Bombs Thunder
– written by John Brunner in 1958 for the Aldermaston March, and unofficial anthem for the anti-nuclear movement.

Gary O’Dea presenting Jane and Annie with a portrait of Paul Robeson (by the very talented Peter Alexander Shields).

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