Paul Robeson 40 years dead.


UPDATE: See here for some fantastic photographs from the evening, courtesy of Alan Humphreys (all rights reserved)

Presented by Tayo Aluko & Friends

Paul Robeson, the great African American actor, singer and political activist died on January 23, 1976. 40 years to the day, Tayo Aluko, writer and performer of the award-winning, internationally touring monodrama Call Mr. Robeson presents a concert in tribute to Mr. Robeson. Featuring the Liverpool Socialist Singers and the Birmingham Clarion Singers (Robeson was their Honorary President and Tayo Aluko is the current one!.)

This production will be based at The Quaker Meeting House, just ten minutes walk from Unity by the Blue Coat School

Dates: Sat 23 Jan 2016
Time: 7:30pm Prices:  £8adult | £6 concessionMore details here.


  1. Delighted that Paul is still celebrated after all these years. As a young boy growing up in a Communist family in Birmingham Paul was an integral part of our lives. I remember listening with the family to the recording that was made of his transatlantic phone call to friends in London on his release and later seeing the Clarion Singers supporting him in his unforgettable rendition of Ballad for Americans in Birmingham Town Hall. But my most poignant memory was Paul attending my father’s funeral in 1959 when he recited Jerusalem. Standing next to him as he sang in his rich deep voice was something I shall never forget. Thank you for keeping his memory alive.


  2. Great to see your comments, Alan. I seem to remember having been told that your father and Paul were good friends. I remember your mother Avis, who I think sang with Clarion for a time. That would have been when our first president and founder, Colin Bradsworth, was alive.
    As a six-year-old in 1956 I played the part of the child Mozart in a bicentenary Clarion presentation about Mozart’s life written by Frida Knight and I believe that you, then a very young actor, played the adult Mozart opposite my mother, Elsie Marshall, as Constanze.
    And yes, while there is a Birmingham Clarion Singers Paul Robeson’s memory is alive and well.


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