From the Archives:

Daily Worker Rally 1940Feb 3 1940

“Dr Colin Bradsworth worked as a GP in Stechford. He was killed in a hit and run  in the early 1950s. I remember my father being called to the front door….him coming in and saying something to mum about Dr Bradsworth and an accident, and then rushing off.” Ivor Pearce.


Birmingham Clarion Singers 1941 (with Katharine Thomson and Elsie Marshall)
Sir John in Love 1949
March 19 1949

. ” ‘Sir John in Love’ was first performed by Clarion in its entirety in March 1949 in the Birmingham and Midland Institute.  The director was Tom Harrison, Regional Director of the Midlands Arts Council. The opera was conducted by professor Anthony Lewis from the University of Birmingham”. Ray Pegg

Reading 1960
Reading Town Hall, 1960
1961 21st anniversary
Birmingham Clarion Singers 21st anniversary  in 1961


Clarion Calls
Birmingham Post May 25 2000




  1. My mum, Avis Clarke as she then was, was in the chorus of Sir John in Love (I played Falstaff’s page Robin as an 8 year old) and also for the Robeson concert in Birmingham Town Hall. Happy memories, Alan Clarke

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    • Dear Alan,

      I am a doctoral researcher at the University of Nottingham. I am writing my thesis on the contributions Avis Clarke/Hutt made to nursing and social activism in the twentieth century. I have been hoping I would find her relatives and am really pleased I have found you here! It would be great if we could establish contact if you are willing. Please email me at, it would be great to speak with you.

      Many thanks and kind regards,

      Frances Cadd


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