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Any organisation which has existed for 78 years without a break will have accumulated a lot of memories. Birmingham Clarion Singers is no exception.


Since its beginnings at a Communist Party social in the Old Contemptibles pub, Edmund Street, Clarion members have amassed many records of the choir, in the form of literature, photos and recordings. We also have an extensive library of musical scores which we are currently digitising.

Here is a glimpse of just a small selection of our many treasured memories:


Never ones to miss out on a celebration, Birmingham Clarion Singers have often honoured birthdays and anniversaries with notable concerts.

_DSC2070 (2)

And nearly always with a party and a cake….



Throughout our history, we have sung for peace, justice and socialism, and have extended the hand of friendship to many.1957 1



The talents of Clarion members and associates extend into the world of academia, art and literature.


_DSC2071 (2)

We are indebted to the invaluable contributions of all who have given so freely of their time, talent and experience over the years.

How will we celebrate our 80th birthday? Watch this space!


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