A Peaceful evening

A review of our Autumn concert by Daniel Keeler

Group photo
Birmingham Clarion Singers (photo by Jen)

Writing on the day President Trump vouches to leave the Russian peace treaty, I reflect on how timely our concert was last night – Saturday October 20th – for an evening of peace songs sung by Birmingham Clarion singers, and supported by the Moseley village band.

Where in the West Midlands can you pay just four or five pounds to include a night thinking about peace, hearing both contemporary and historical folk and classical pieces, linked around peace, and go for a musical ‘our day out’ with the Moseley band including some Swedish waltzes and Nellie the Elephant!

Moseley Village Band (photo by Adrian)

Notable songs by Clarion included two from the repertoire of Joan Littlewood and Unity Theatre: Oh! It’s a Lovely War!, and Civilisation, both still sending a thought provoking and poignant message for our time. Also, The Sun is Burning by Ian Campbell, formerly of Clarion, and noted folk singer, added to our theme.

In the second part of the programme, two anti-nuclear songs written by Peggy Seeger were performed – Carry Greenham Home by Anne and Tomorrow by Annie. Both felt fitting, as we were moved by the surprise audience support from two former Greenham common supporters and former clarion stalwarts Jan and Chris, who travelled all the way from their new home in Sheffield to support us!


The night was rounded off with a passionate rendition of the Internationale, an invitation to join our rallying call for peace and solidarity both today, yesterday and tomorrow.

The Internationale (photo by Adrian)




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