Freedom is Coming


On Saturday 30th November, Birmingham Clarion Singers were invited to  join a gathering of Syrian refugee families for the sharing of food and community. This was organised by the Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme,  as part of  Birmingham City Council’s City of Sanctuary pledge.

The group welcomed us warmly to the venue at Carr’s Lane Church Centre.

During our opening ‘Ode to Joy’,  some of the younger audience members mimicked  Jane’s conducting- perfectly in time! After the aptly titled “We Need Each Other Now” and Hymn to Friendship”, another youngster joined us on stage, singing ‘Refugees are Welcome Here’.


In a fitting finale, the South African song ‘Freedom is Coming’ was clapped along to joyfully by the audience.


And finally, off to The Woodman to put the world to rights – a welcome addition to a day of singing about fellowship and sharing. (Dan Keeler)

At the Woodman



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